Mohammed Haji Abdillahi Chairman

One of the co-founders of DAALLO Airlines, Mr Abdillahi has extensive business experience in transport industry in Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya.

Mohammed Ibrahim Yassin Chief Executive Officer

Mr Yassin is one of the co-founders of DAALLO Airlines.  He received his BSs (Hon) and MSs from Oregon State University, and has more than 30 years of business management experience. Mr. Yassin is responsible for short- and long-term planning, budgeting, operations and finances of the company. Mr. Yassin is knowledgeable in regional politics and development plans for the region.

Rajesh Babu Chief Financial Officer

With a solid background in accounting and finance, Mr. Rajesh has more than 12 years’ experience in commercial aviation.

Deqa Yassin Director Cargo & Business Development

Responsible for the cargo, mail and charter services of DAALLO Airlines, Ms Deqa has extensive experience in specialized cargo operations in the Middle East and Africa and has more than 10 years’ experience in cargo and ground handling operations, sales, marketing, and management.

Zahid Hussain Director Commercial

With more than 17 years of management experience in the air transport industry, Mr. Zahid has held key positions with Pakistan International Airlines. Mr. Zahid is knowledgeable in all commercial aspects of the airline industry including reservation system, pricing, scheduling, inter-lining and IATA affairs.

Yusuf Abdillahi Regional Director

Based at the regional offices in Djibouti, Mr. Abdillahi has a key role in the development of operations in Djibouti and Somalia. Mr. Abdillahi holds an MBA from Colorado University, and has more than 25 years of business management experience with 15 years in commercial aviation.