YEAR 1991
DAALLO Airline was founded in Djibouti, and began operations with a Cessna Caravan aircraft operating between Djibouti & Hargaisa.

YEAR 1992
DAALLO Airlines expanded its operation between Djibouti and Sharjah, UAE with IL-18 aircraft. Executive Office opened in Dubai.

YEAR 1993
DIL-18 has been replaced with Tu154 for Djibouti / Sharjah flights. DAALLO Airlines also expanded its operation to Jeddah on Tu154.

YEAR 1994
Started once a week passenger flight between Djibouti and Dubai every Monday, on Tu154 aircraft.

YEAR 1995
Flights from Djibouti to Dubai were extended to DOHA.

YEAR 1996
DAALLO Airlines established its commercial entity in Djibouti, Republic of Djibouti in March 1996. DAALLO Airlines became a member of SITA, an airline telex messaging system.

YEAR 1997
DAALLO Airlines signed a contract with Gabriel as its Central Reservation System (CRS).

YEAR 1998
DAALLO Airlines flight schedule has been displayed in the Official Airline Guide (OAG), where Travel Agents can access and make reservations with the following GDS – Amadeus, Sabre, Worldspan and Galileo.
In June 1998, the maiden flight from Hargeisa to Addis Ababa was launched.
DAALLO Airlines also launched new route from Djibouti to Asmara in Eritrea and from Dubai to Bahrain.

YEAR 1999
Incorporation of DAALLO Airlines Limited in Nairobi, Kenya.
Commenced operation of cargo flights to Nairobi.
DAALLO Airlines became a member of IATA MITA in January 1999.

YEAR 2000
Commenced operation of cargo flights to Eldoret on IL-18 and IL-76 aircraft.
All passenger flights in Sharjah Airport has been shifted to Dubai.

YEAR 2001
DAALLO Airlines opened a Branch Office in Paris, France.
In 21st June 2001, DAALLO Airlines’ first flight from Paris landed in Djibouti on B-767 aircraft.
Flight from Djibouti – Paris has been extended to Amsterdam.
DAALLO Airlines became a member of SITA Worldtracer ( a baggage tracing system ) and contract with Amadeus has been signed.

YEAR 2002
DAALLO Airlines commenced passenger flight to London Gatwick.